Who We Are

We’re on a mission to bring studio-level film production to your fingertips. Ultimately, we believe that the ability to create cutting-edge, high-quality video content should be limited only by the depths of your imagination and not your wallet.

Our Values

We want to empower brands like yours to go bold by making stuff and sharing it with the world.

Empowering Through Storytelling

At Pipio, we provide users with a platform to create compelling stories that move, inspire, and connect people worldwide. It’s your story to tell. We just want to help you bring it to life.

Simplifying Video Production

Whether you’re looking to create a simple newsletter or a feature-length film, we’re looking to speed up the process and open new, boundless creative options with the power of AI.

Accessible Content Creation

Imagine a world in which the next blockbuster movie is created, not with a multimillion dollar budget and a major studio, but on your laptop. With your help, we can redefine the way video is created.

Our Mission

At Pipio, we are a team of devoted content creators, passionate about making video production accessible to everyone.

Rather than the cost and logistics of video production, we want creators to be able to focus their energies on the development of their content. At Pipio, our mission is to bring studio-level production to your desktop without the studio-level headaches.

Meet the Crew

We believe that artificial intelligence can change the way we create video.

The only way to democratize video production is with a team dedicated to the cause. We know the issues facing video creators today because we've lived them. From post-production and VFX to cutting edge visual computing, our team brings a wealth of experience to help you make your idea a reality.

Mike Bittner

Digital Human Evangelist

As a former film student turned security engineer turned technical product manager, Mike has worked with and led product development teams and architected successful go-to-market strategies for multiple startups. He's using this experience and love of cinema to harness video production, software development, and machine learning to help bring affordable, quality video to content creators everywhere.

His love language is obscure movie quotes.

Mike Bittner


Bernardt Duvenhage

Machine Learning Mission Specialist

With 18 years of experience in software development for modelling & simulation, computer graphics, computer vision and natural language understanding systems, Bernardt is the brains behind the revolutionary machine learning technology that is bringing Pipio's digital actors to life. He has a PhD in Computer Graphics and a masters degree in real-time modelling and simulation.

When not coding he enjoys power yoga, jogging and roller skating. His derby name is slated to be Fully Connected.

Bernardt Duvenhage


Our Commitment to Ethical AI

We embrace a special obligation to society to maintain the privacy of our fellow human beings as well as to deploy this technology responsibly and with restraint. We promise to promote and ensure the ethical use of artificial intelligence in all of our products and services and throughout the world.

Our Terms & Conditions